International Bachelor's Degree Program

Trinational Degree in Electrical Engineering/Information Technology - Taught in German and French (EI-3nat)

In addition to its German Bachelor's programs, Offenburg University also offers an international Bachelor's program, which is taught in German and French. Graduates of the program receive a degree from Germany, France and Switzerland. 

The content of this degree program is similar to that of the German Bachelor's degree program in Electrical Engineering/Information Technology (website in German). However, the bilingual instruction further prepares students for a career in Germany, France or Switzerland. Advanced German and French language skills are required for admission.

For more information (in German only) about the program and about applying, click here.

DEUTSCHINSA - taught in German and French

DEUTSCHINSA is a two year German-French program that is offered by five Upper Rhine partner institutions.  The participating institutions are the University of Karlsruhe, University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe, INSA de Strasbourg, Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland. The program is hosted at INSA (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées) de Strasbourg and professors from the partner universities travel there to teach classes.

DEUTSCHINSA prepares students in a two year German-French study (classes préparatoires) for an engineering career and qualifies students to continue for a Grande Ecole in France, similar to a master's degree, which is achieved after three more years of study.

New students starting the program at the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences are required to attend summer school. Students are intensively prepared for the two languages, German and French, and the study mathematics and physics.

For further information about the program, visit the website DEUTSCHINSA (in German).

German Bachelor's Programs

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