MBT Objectives

Biotechnology with a Focus on Bioeconomy

Biotechnology is regarded a key technology of the 21st century. It represents not only the necessary transition from an oil-based to biobased industry and sustainable energy supply, but also groundbreaking advances in medicine and food security for a growing global population.

The international, English-taught Master's degree program in Biotechnology (MBT) prepares graduates for this growing market with detailed expertise in the field of bioeconomics, particularly environment and nutrition. 
Students work on case studies independently and familiarize themselves with the field of bioproduction, including important security measures and authority management. The resulting specialists will be fully aware of the future trends and opportunities of the highly innovative biotechnology industry, but also recognize potential conflict areas and ethical issues.

Additionally, the international orientation of the program provides students with valuable intercultural skills and other crucial qualifications in the distinctly multinational field of biotechnology.