The two partner universities currently have the following established research priorities in biotechnology:

Offenburg University

  • Biological methanation of hydrogen in biogas plants to store excess electricity
  • Effect-related environmental analysis with luminescent bacteria; further development of the YES test

Offenburg University in cooperation with the University of Freiburg (Institute for Microsystems Technology) and industrial partners

  • Development of a standardization process for the analysis of DNA profiles for next-generation sequencing (NGS) - Diagnostics using hematological cancer as an example

Offenburg University in cooperation with UWM

  • Production of biopolymers from food residues
  • Journal Environmental Biotechnology (peer-reviewed)
  • International Conference on Environmental Best Practices (every 2-3 years, since 2006, alternating between Olsztyn and Offenburg)


  • Biogas and biorefinery
  • Micronucleus tests
  • Electronic nose
  • Biofilms


The English-language journal Environmental Biotechnology, available online at, is jointly published by Offenburg University and UWM.