MBT Study Program

The English-taught,  Master's degree program in Biotechnology (MBT) prepares graduates for the growing market of biotechnology with detailed expertise in the field of bioeconomics, particularly food and the environment. 

The program usually takes three semesters to complete. The courses of the winter semester are held in Offenburg, the summer semester at our partner university in Olsztyn/Poland.

In case a student's Bachelor's degree (which is required) comprised less than seven semesters, an additional semester for a scientific project or equivalent courses from a defined course catalogue at Offenburg University has to be included as well.

Each of the partner universities offers a study semester in its respective field of study:

  • Offenburg - Bioprocesses and Bioeconomy
  • Olsztyn - Food and Environmental Biotechnology


The Master's thesis can be prepared at either of the participating universities, or externally at a suitable company or institute of your choice.

The degree Master of Science is awarded as a double degree from the two partner universities involved.

The Master's thesis can be prepared at any suitable institution of your choice:

  • University of Warmia and Masury/Poland 
  • Offenburg University/Germany
  • Other suitable university
  • Research institute 
  • Industrial company


Every study program at Offenburg University is defined and regulated in "Study and Examination Regulations" (Studien- und Prüfungsordnung in German, abbrev. StuPO), including information about the following:

  • Regular periods of study and structure of study program
  • Modular structure
  • Loss of admission to the degree program, loss of admission to examinations
  • Examinations, deadlines
  • General Rules of admission
  • Examination requirements
  • Oral examinations
  • Seminar papers and other written assignments
  • Evaluation of examination results
  • Omission, withdrawal, deception, irregularities
  • Passing and failing an examination

These regulations consist of a general part and a special part. The general part covers the topics common to all the Master's degree programs. The special part of each Master's degree program explains the regulations specific to that program. For legal purposes, only the German version of the general part of the StuPO is binding; the English version is provided for information purposes alone. Information to both the general and the specific parts of the MBT study regulations are provided below: 

1) German version of the General part of the Study and Examination Regulations

1a) English translation of the General part of the Study and Examination Regulations

2) MBT-specific part of the Study and Examination Regulations

2a) English translation of the MBT-specific part of the Study and Examination Regulations