What are the academic prerequisites for the program?

You should hold a Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, media engineering, telecommunication engineering, computer sciences or a related discipline. In any case, basic knowledge in the field of electrical/telecommunication engineering is essential for joining the program. Your CGPA should rank at least within the top quarter of your class. Furthermore, you must have good English proficiency, since all classes are taught in English.


Do I need to have German proficiency when applying for the program?

We consider it absolutely necessary to have basic knowledge of German (corresponding to CEFR level "A1.1" at a minimum) before you start the program. Although all classes are taught in English, proficiency in German will help you to get in touch with people and manage your everyday life here in Offenburg.

Please note that you can only take up your studies if you submit the required German language certificate by the time of enrollment. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to prove basic German proficiency in your application documents already, i.e. by including an appropriate certificate of German, CEFR level A1.1 or higher.

You may also take advantage of Offenburg University's Summer Course for German as a foreign language (http://www.hs-offenburg.de/en/international/study-in-offenburg/summer-language-course/) , which is offered every year in September, right before the start of winter semester, and leads to the required certificate. However, our experience has unfortunately been that not all students receive their visas in time to be able to join the German course in September. You may not want to take that risk! 

Where can I find details about the curriculum and exam regulations of the program?

Further information about the CME study program can be found here. Please feel free to contact the program coordinator with any remaining questions you may have.


I am an applicant from China, do I need to provide an APS certificate?

Yes, an APS certificate is a necessary prerequisite for applicants from China. Please contact the German Embassy in Beijing for details:
Academic Acknowledgement Bureau, Landmark Tower 2, Office 0311, 8 North Dongsanhuan Rd., Chaoyang District, 100004 Beijing
Phone: 010-010-65907138.


I would like to do an internship while studying CME. Is this possible?

Yes, the exam and study regulations allow for CME students to complete an internship during the summer break (August-September) and receive credits for it.

Internships can be pursued either at the University, e.g. in one of the research groups, or in industry.


How many applications do you receive for the CME program?

We receive more than one thousand applications for the 30 available places each year.