Prof. Daniel Kray, lecturer in both ECM and PDE wins this year's Science Slam

Celebrating the award ceremony of the second Offenburg Science Slam: University Rector Winfried Lieber, Lord Mayoress Edith Schreiner and the winner Prof. Daniel Kray. © Offenburg University of Applied Sciences

The thematic spectrum of the lectures was broad and ranged from economics, electrical engineering and information technology, materials technology, energy systems technology to collaborative robotics. In the end, Professor Daniel Kray from the Institute of Energy System Technology was chosen by the audience as the winner. He made a fiery plea for solar energy: solar power rocks! was the catchy title of Kray's lecture. Pointed and spiced with catchy analogies, he contrasted solar energy with fossil energy production: "Why does solar power rock," Kray asked and provided the answer: "Because it must! It's gonna save our butts." Climate change could hardly be managed otherwise, the audience acknowledged his remarks with thunderous applause. In the second part of his exciting and fact-rich lecture, he presented his special field of research - the improvement of solar modules - and demonstrated very clearly how affordable and sensible solar technology could look like: He shouted out "solar power rocks!" and then presented his lightweight, ecologically harmless and inexpensive solar modules of the future to the astonished audience.

Daniel Kray scored 143 points in the overall standings, followed by Klaus Dorer (132), Ironman Michael Volz (119), Thomas Wendt (113), Andrea Müller (103). "The aim of the event is for us professors to step out of the classical role and try to interlink complex engineering topics with society and stimulate discourse," said Rector Lieber, who congratulated all participants: "Today we have once again impressively succeeded in showing people that science can also be fun."

The Offenburg Science Slam was organised jointly by the city of Offenburg and the Institute for Applied Research at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences.