Energy Systems 1

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Energy Systems

The students govern the thermodynamic background of power cycles. They are able to develop sets of equations describing large-scale energy systems and govern the mathematical methods for solving it by means of computer algebra programs. They are proficient in the main characteristics of components of energy systems, e.g. heat exchanger and apply methods to design heat exchangers. The students know the technology of piping networks and are able to select specific requirements suitable to the envisaged application. The students know about the range of fluid machinery in thermal systems; they are able to choose appropriate types according to the specification of the application. Overall the students are able to perform exergetic analysis of energy systems and to develop optimized systems also under economical boundary conditions.
Also the behavior of electrical grids is covered in Energy Systems. The student learn about the structure of the electrical grid, the most important components needed, e.g. power lines, transformers, power switch gears, etc. They are able to describe the structure of electric power systems and have an understanding for the development of electrical grids with respect to additional generation capacities. They are able to calculate stationary power flows and other properties of power systems.