International Students in German Programs

The beginning of your studies is sometimes difficult enough, everything is new! But if you have completed your university entrance degree abroad, you will find a whole new world of learning and teaching. We would like to help you get used to this new world and have put together a program to help you get started and during your studies.

Seminars in Summer Semester 2019

The International Center offers the following seminars in cooperation with the Learning Center, the Career Center, the Language Center and KontaktING:

Business Etiquette

Date: 19.03.2019 | Time: 13:30 h - 19:30 h| Room: A101 | Lecturer: Dagmar Lentzen-Müller



Entering the world of work is exciting and involves a number of rules of conduct. The correct behaviour in dealing with superiors and colleagues is a prerequisite. Good manners in dealing with customers also contribute to a positive corporate image. This seminar is aimed in particular at international students who do not yet know the customs in German companies.



  • The power of the first impression
  • Welcome correctly - introduce yourself and others confidently
  • Behaviour at meetings and in the restaurant
  • Communication etiquette for small talk and mails
  • Making good phone calls
  • Dealing with mistakes and criticism


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Search for Internships


Date: 25.04.2019 | Time: 15:00 h - 19:00 h | Room: A101 | Consultant: Esther Wehrle



An internship will help you make the right decision for your career. The Agentur für Arbeit supports and advises international students to facilitate their entry into the world of work. You can discuss any questions you may have about the labour market with an advisor from the Agentur für Arbeit.



  • Career entry
  • Application strategies
  • Employer contacts (workplace, internship, company contacts for master thesis)
  • Career and labour market prospects


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Technical German



Start: 18.03.2019 | Time: 14:00 h - 17:30 h | Room: A310 | Lecturer: Frau Brigitta Fruttiger



Do you want to prepare yourself quickly and confidently for communication in an internship or in the working world in a technical profession in German-speaking countries? The Technical German seminar offers you numerous practice-related exercises and tasks and provides you with the basic linguistic means to be able to communicate properly and professionally in the technical field. 



  • Extension of the technical vocabulary
  • Understanding and writing technical written texts
  • Understanding and giving short presentations on specialist topics
  • Understand and use grammar specific to the subject text


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Study Skills


Start: 18.03.2019 | Time: 14:00 h - 17:30 h | Room: A311 | Lecturer: Anja Reichert



The transfer of knowledge is part of the culture of a country. The success of a course is based on many factors. An essential factor is the knowledge of the requirements of the foreign higher education system for the student. In this seminar, you will learn how they can and change your learning behaviour in such a way that you achieve your study goals with fun and pleasure.



  • Self-organisation
  • Stress management
  • Learning methods
  • Learning type determination
  • Motivation and concentration strategies
  • Scientific work (writing and presentation)


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further dates: 18.03.2019, 25.03.2019, 28.03.2019 and 1.04.2019


A course of study is a new stage in life that brings with it many interesting and new things. Sometimes, however, unexpected difficulties arise, especially if you have completed your schooling abroad. No matter what these difficulties are, we will be happy to help and support you. Just come by in B030!

Tutoring Program

Starting in the middle of the summer semester, tutorials will be offered to help you prepare for the exam. Further information can be found here.

From Thursday 16.05.2019 to Thursday 12.07.2019 every Tuesday (09:00 - 10:30) and Thursday (09:00 - 11:15) there will be a tutorial in the learning centre.

Our tutor, Mr. Eric Becker, can discuss questions from the Department of Mathematics and Physics with you and support you in preparing for the exam.

 The tutorial will take place in room A 303 of the Learning Centre.