Offenburg and the Ortenau Region

Offenburg University of Applied Sciences has campuses in Offenburg and the nearby town of Gengenbach. Both are situated in the beautiful Ortenau region, considered the "gateway to the Black Forest," yet only short distances away from major cities including Karlsruhe, Freiburg, Baden-Baden, Strasbourg/France and Basel/Switzerland.

Additionally, this southwestern part of Germany offers a comfortable climate, with warm and pleasant summers and winter temperatures rarely dropping below zero.

Although Offenburg and Gengenbach are relatively small, they each offer great cultural and recreational possibilities. There are various festivals and festivities throughout the year, including the famous German carnival season, wine festivals in the fall, and one of Germany's most popular Christmas markets, with Gengenbach City Hall representing a huge Advent calendar.

Offenburg's city center offers a variety of department stores and specialty shops, but also a farmers' market on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. Inexpensive groceries are found at the major supermarket chains around town.

This is a very peaceful and family-friendly area with an almost non-existant crime rate. While it is always wise to be alert and to use the 'buddy system' when going home after dark, the region generally offers a safe environment even if you are alone.


Offenburg's market
Offenburg's market

The University's main campus is in Offenburg, the city 'between the Rhine and the Vines.' With approximately 60,000 inhabitants, Offenburg offers a full range of activities for visitors and residents alike. The city center, with historic buildings and romantic streets, reflects Offenburg's tradition as a free imperial town. Economically, Offenburg is characterized by a number of internationally active small and medium-sized enterprises, most notably in the fields of media, mechanical engineering and electronics.


Gengenbach city gate

Located about 10 kilometers east of Offenburg, Gengenbach is easily accessible by way of local trains (Ortenau S-Bahn). It is a picturesque town with approximately 12,000 inhabitants, charming half-timbered houses, quaint shops, typical Baden gastronomy, and markets and festivals which attract tourists from all over the world.

The University campus is located in a well-preserved Benedictine monastery in the middle of town, boasting a captivating Baroque interior.