Graduation Ceremony on 26 October 2018

"You can look back with self-confidence and satisfaction on a successfully completed course of studies and gladly allow yourselves a little pride", congratulated university rector Professor Winfried Lieber to the 527 graduates of the summer semester 2018: "To have successfully completed a study program is not possible without pressure to perform and psychological tension. To have kept this up deserves praise and recognition."

A total of around 920 guests attended the traditional university celebration in Offenburg's Oberrheinhalle on Friday evening. The graduates had received their diplomas during the ceremony. A total of 369 students obtained a Bachelor's degree and 158 Master's graduates a Master's degree.

"You don't get a university degree for free", Rector Lieber emphasised: "And that's a good thing, because then it wouldn't be worth anything either". The Rector also recalled that "in addition to all the basic knowledge that you had to learn, in addition to all the factual or methodological knowledge that you have acquired", something else also counts: "The ability to deal with the enormous amount of knowledge available in times of the Internet and big data; the ability to orient oneself or differentiate oneself and thus to think critically".

Congratulations to all our graduate students and lots of luck and success in the following months with their job applications!

Here is the link to the photo gallery of the event: