Communication and Media Engineering (CME)

Online Databases

Teaching Methods Vorlesung/Labor
Duration 1
SWS 4.0
Classes 60 h
Self-study / group work: 120 h
Workload 180 h
ECTS 6.0
Requirements for awarding credit points

Online Databases and Web Applications: written exam K60.Online Databases Lab must be passed.

Responsible Person

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Pletschinger 

Max. Participants 25
Recommended Semester 2
Frequency jedes Jahr (SS)

Master-Studiengang CME


Online Databases and Web Applications

Type Vorlesung
Nr. M+I418
SWS 2.0
Lecture Content

•  Designing a global strategy and organization

•  Global strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions 

•   Strategic Control and Corporate Governance

•   Cross-cultural management 

•   Global human resources management

•   Global innovation

•   Global operations

•   Global social responsibility

•  Konnichi-wa and Nihao: Doing business in Japan and China

•  The ethical challenge of the firm





•  DesJardins, Joseph R./McCall, John J.: Contemporary Issues in Business Ethics; 6th Ed.; Cengage; Australia 2014.

•  Fraedrich, John et al.: Ethical Decision Making in Business, A Managerial Approach; 9th Ed.; Cengage; Australia 2013.

•  Grant, Robert M.; Contemporary Strategy Analysis; 8th Ed.; Wiley Chichester 2013

•  Lasserre, Philippe: Global Strategic Management; 3rd Ed.; Palgrave; New York 2012.

•  Rugman, Alan M./Collinson, Simon: International Business; 6th Ed.; Pearson; Harlow et al. 2012.


Online Databases Lab

Type Labor
Nr. M+I419
SWS 2.0
Lecture Content
  • Marketing
  • Marketing management, strategic planning and marketing process.
  • Planning, execution and control of marketing programs.
  • Development of marketing-mix: product development, product-life-cycle strategies, price strategies, product placement, distribution, communication, sales, promotion strategies.
  • International Marketing
  • The Scope and Challenge of International Marketing.
  • Selection of target markets: consumer markets, business to business.
  • Market segmentation.
  • Researching International Markets.
  • The International Political and Legal Environment.
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Business Customs and Practices in International Marketing.



  • Hollensen, S. (2020): Global Marketing, 8th Edition, Pearson Education Limited.
  • Green, M.C., Keegan, W.J. (2020): Global Marketing, 10th Edition, Pearson Education Limited.
  • Kotabe, M., Helsen, K. (2020): Global Marketing Management, 8th Edition, Wiley.