Communication and Media Engineering (CME)

Wireless Communication

Recommended prior knowledge
  • Lecture “Digital Communications with Lab”
  • Basic knowledge about matrix calculations


Teaching Methods Vorlesung
Learning objectives / competencies

Upon successful completion of this module, the student will be able to:

•  understand the basic challenges in modern radio communication systems and networks

•  model and describe the impact of a time-variant multipath radio channel

•  design and analyse the signal processing applied in modern digital radio communication systems under different constrains

•  understand the method for multiplying the capacity of a radio link using multiple transmission and receiving antennas (smart antenna systems, MIMO) and how they are used in modern wireless communication standards.


Duration 1
SWS 4.0
Classes 60 h
Self-study / group work: 90 h
Workload 150 h
ECTS 5.0
Requirements for awarding credit points

Oral exam M (50 %)+Presentation RE (50%)

Responsible Person

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tobias Felhauer

Max. Participants 15
Recommended Semester 3
Frequency jedes Jahr (SS)

Master-Studiengänge CME und EIM


Wireless Communication

Type Vorlesung
Nr. EMI2224
SWS 4.0
Lecture Content

1. Einführung
Historie; spez. technische Herausforderungen und Probleme bei der drahtlosen Kommunikation.

2. Charakterisierung des Funkkanals
Wichtige Eigenschaften und Kenngrößen von Funkkanälen; Ausbreitungsmodelle; Link-Budget- Berechnungen; Stochastische Modellierung, Simulation und Vermessung von Funkkanälen.

3. Techniken in drahtlosen Kommunikationssystemen
Digitale Modulationsverfahren und Detektionstechniken; Diversitätstechniken; Entzerrertechniken; Vielfachzugriffs- und Duplexverfahren; MIMO-Architekturen; Spatial Multiplexing und Space-Time Coding (STC)


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  • Rohling, H.: OFDM: Concepts for Future Communication Systems. Springer Verlag, Berlin. 2011.
  • Larsson, E.; Stoica, P.: Space-Time Block Coding for Wireless Communications. Cambridge University Press. 2008.
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