Information for the MBT Winter Semester 2021/22 at Offenburg University

Semester Organization in the Pandemic Situation


Dear Prospective Students,

The coronavirus is affecting the whole world in a way we couldn’t imagine before. Teaching at universities has changed drastically. At Offenburg University of Applied Sciences we switched partly to virtual formats, but where necessary we developed safe face-to-face concepts for the trainings.

In order to give you more predictability and to provide you with detailed information about the program, we have collected and answered some of your frequently asked questions in the FAQ list below. The list will be supplemented and updated if necessary.

Please note that this is an information beyond the official information of our university. The information is preliminary and may change according to the current pandemic situation. If you want to suggest a question for adding to the list, please write an email to Izabela Sosnik:

I hope that you all stay healthy and I’m looking forward to meeting you in person.

All the best,

Prof. Dr. Zell, Program Director Biotechnolgy

I am worried about missing out on important Corona-related information. Can you help me?

Please  check the official Corona university website on a regular basis:

If you worry about the coronavirus and your studies in Offenburg, please contact Izabela Sosnik:; +49 781 205-4627

I have a problem with getting my visa in time. Can you help me?


We understand that the current situation is exceptional – therefore, we do not mind if you arrive late in Offenburg. You are, however, required to arrive on November 1, at the latest. Otherwise, you will not be able to apply in time for the visa for the second semester in Poland and therefore miss the second semester too.


Will the Buddy Program take place despite Corona?

Each new master’s degree student of the Graduate School will be contacted by a student buddy who will answer your questions regarding your arrival, assist you with the burocracy that has to be done, share her/his experiences etc. You will be contacted by your student buddy via email before your arrival.

I read about an orientation weekend. When will this take place?

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we cannot provide an orientation weekend as usual. Instead, we will provide all necessary information for your studies in online sessions

What about the Cultural Program, as for example the International Evening and the Snow Excursion?

-        Due to the pandemic and the risk of infection that arises from larger meetings or events, the excursions and socializing events of our cultural program cannot take place this winter semester. If the pandemic situation allows us to do so, we will set up some small events within each study program instead.

What about the Senior Service?

-        Again, due to the pandemic and the risk of infection that arises from larger meetings or events, the Get-Togethers with the Senior Service can unfortunately not take place this winter semester. Nevertheless, members of the Senior Service will get in contact with you and try to assist you as much as they can. If you allow us to forward your email-address and your application picture to the Senior Service, one of the members of this group will get in contact with you.

How will the semester be organized?

-        Due to the fact that some students may arrive late, only virtual lectures will be held between October 4 and November 1. Additional contact hours/tutorials will be offered to students who are present. They will be announced on our online learning platform Moodle. After November 1, this will probably change to a mixture of online lectures and courses which are held in presence.

-        All lectures will take place until the Christmas Break, while the laboratories will take place face-to-face after the Christmas Break. A detailed schedule will be given by your lecturer.

Whom do I contact if I have a question about a specific lecture?

-        Write an email directly to the lecturer or contact him/her via Moodle.

What about studying in Poland in the summer term of 2021?

-        If you would like to know the current regulations with regards to travelling and living in Poland during the corona pandemic, please visit the following website: