Carlos Omana, Colombia

Graduate of CME 2016

With every coming year, the worldwide labor market is increasingly competitive and Germany occupies the spotlight in nearly every engineering field. The structure of the Master’s program “Communication and Media Engineering” provides the main keys not only to excel in the German market but also in the markets of our home countries. In my case, it was really interesting to see how this program developed my non-technical skills while simultaneously bolstering my technical knowledge. Moreover, its main modules, Telecommunications and Software, are demanding profiles in Germany.

In my opinion, what makes Offenburg such an appealing place to live is the people. Their friendly demeanor and outgoing nature, coupled with the activities and events of the Career Center, International Office, and Senior Service, are extremely useful in facilitating one’s integration with German culture. In addition, the peaceful and lush scenery and pleasant weather make this my ideal spot to purse an education.

Irene Gwokyalya, Uganda

Graduate of CME 2014

The CME program is well structured to model all-round students:- not only for engineering studies, but also managerial, communication and creativity skills which are very essential and key in today's job market. The professors are very professional and approachable for clarifications.

The International Center and Senior Service play a great role for International students in terms of accommodation and orientation, so as for the students to settle in immediately and focus on the study program.

Gor Hakobyan, Armenia

Graduate of CME 2013

From my point of view CME is a well qualified study program, which provides students the opportunity to study Communication, Programming and Media simultaneously. This combination of three strongly interrelated fields is both interesting and useful, as I believe. Students have the possibility to specialize in one of these fields, and, in the meantime, get a good knowledge and experience within two other areas. That opens large working horizons in which students can realize themselves after finishing their studies successfully.

The peacefulness of the city of Offenburg and the amazing nature surrounding it create an excellent study environment. Nevertheless, it would be wise to prepare yourself thoroughly before starting your studies in CME, so that you will be able to overcome the challences you will face.


Francisco Parra Fuentes, Mexico

Graduate of CME 2013

This program offers a wide range of courses that provide me with the tools to explore new opportunities and develop projects in the fields of Communication, Computing Systems and Media. The program gives you flexibility to decide which of the three main areas you want to focus on and the Professors are highly qualified in their own field since they have both academic and professional experience. The CME program gives you the opportunity to get closer into the professional field by doing an internship or working on your Master Thesis in a company. Besides studying with people from all over the world allow me to learn from other cultures and share my own experiences.

Naksit Ananta, Thailand

Graduate of CME 2013 , R&D engineer, STACKFORCE GmbH

The master program "Communication and Media Engineering" is an unique program that combines three study fields: Communication, Informatics and Media. The combination makes the program itself interesting because it gives the students, especially me, a wider perspective apart from their study backgrounds. I also see this combination as a flexibility to the students, because one could choose to study more subjects. Moreover, there are some additional subjects provided in CME program as well, these are non-technical subjects but yet important for your working life, such as social skills and management skills. In my opinion, this program is not only producing common engineers, but engineers that are able to understand and work with co-workers who are from different study areas.

The reasons and benefits from CME program mentioned above permit the students a good chance to work in Germany after finishing the program. From my personal experience, I would like to include the part of internship and master thesis semesters which are planned to be the third and fourth semesters. The two semesters allow the students to get some experiences about working in Germany. Which is a great opportunity to be prepared for their working life after graduation.

Yan Tan, China

Graduate of CME 2012

I came across this master’s degree program after accessing a database available on the DAAD website. The CME program was stated in the TOP 10 list. Studying CME I had the chance to learn how to manage cross-cultural conflicts, which is very worthy when you want to develop your career in a multinational company. I even had the chance to work at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences so that I could earn a little bit of money and get some work experience.

The people here are very friendly and always ready to help you. They are also very relaxed. It seemed like every month, there was always something to celebrate. 

Cesar Vega Lopez, Mexico

Graduate of CME 2010

The best aspect of the CME program is that I could arrange my subjects to the topics that I was interested in. I could sharpen my profile by choosing the engineering subject I'm most interested in: Telecommunications.

Studying at the Graduate School of the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences also helped me to interact with people from different cultures from all over the world. Yes, I was in Germany, but I was also influenced by the culture of my classmates, their traditions and interests. This is very worthy when you want to develop your career in a multinational company.

I consider Offenburg as my German "Heimat", due to all the lovely people who were always aware of me.

Efrain Ruh Sosa, Venezuela

Graduate of CME 2006

Before I joined the program I had 5 years experience in mobile networks, however the job market for me in Europe was limited. After completing this program I was then open for new opportunities, a much bigger job market.

Once you start the program, always keep the job market in mind. The University has a lot to offer but it depends purely on you what you will learn. Pick your subjects correctly and, from the beginning, put as much effort as possible. Once you are done, the opportunities for you out there are going to be endless.
Good luck!


Durga Bhavani Podipireddy, India

Graduate of CME 2005

"In my opinion, CME is one of the best courses, because it combines teaching of both, communications and media approaches. Nowadays it is very important for students to have knowledge in both of these fields. So after graduating you can choose between either communication or media. 

We also have experienced professors who are highly-professional and helpful to to students. CME also offers some courses in business and management, which can be very helpful when working in a multi-national corporate or company environment. 



Joseph K. Gyamfi Nuamah, Ghana

Graduate of CME 2004

"I find CME both interesting and challenging. It is an important programme that combines both communication and media technologies, which play a very important role in this rapidly changing technological world. 

Besides the technical courses, there are non-technical ones, which help to shape students along business and managerial lines. 

Additionally, Offenburg is a nice and peaceful town to study and interact with the people. This provides students with a very conducive learning environment."