The magazine ENERGIES publishes an article by Satya Gopisetty and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Treffinger in this month's edition

In this article, a generic micro gas turbine (MGT) model that can be used in the early design phase investigation of polygeneration systems was proposed. An easy-to-parametrize MGT model which consists of only four parameters, namely nominal electrical power, nominal fuel power, gross electromechanical efficiency and parasitic loads power, was developed. These parameters can be easily derived from the manufacturer’s spec sheets. The easy parametrization was due to the linearization of the non-linear part load characteristics based on physical insight of the working principles of turbomachinery. A similar behaviour was obtained for MGTs ranging from 30 kW to 333 kW from different manufacturers. This linearization approach can be used to describe the part load behaviour with low effort. Hence, this approach can support the design and evaluation of components, hydraulics and control during the concept phase of energy planning which is constrained by little information and less time. The model was validated using the datasets of a 65 kW micro gas turbine unit stationed at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences. The micro gas turbine unit is a part of the trigeneration network supplying thermal and electrical energy to the university campus.

As the energy transition is not possible without computer engineering, Offenburg University is currently developing a new Master´s degree program, Power and Data Engineering (PDE), which will be launched in October this year. Modelling and Simulation is a very important part of it - the content of the article therefore has very close links to the study program.