Our degree program has a strong focus on applied engineering and practical experience. Currently there is an ongoing "Industry on Campus" project called "Development and Optimization of Energy Process Chains of Renewable Resources - Particularly Biogas Installations".  The main fields of research included in this project are:

  • Industrial Microbiology (biopolymers, biofuel cells)
  • Gasification, pyrolysis and combustion of biomass
  • Production, purification and storage of biogas
  • Increasing the stability of microbiological processes in biogas plants
  • Effect-related environmental analysis‌ 

The University of Warmia and Mazury (UWM) in Olsztyn is a traditional university with a strong focus on research. In 2005 the department of environmental biotechnology opened new laboratories to investigate: 

  • Environmental impacts
  • Toxicology (especially with regard to the fishing industry or landfills)
  • Water and sludge treatment
  • Genetic engineering
  • Biopolymers and biofuels

For the past few years the Offenburg University and UWM have been jointly publishing the English-language journal "Environmental Biotechnology" available online at